“Guess What”... the album!

On his new body of work Paul writes, “I didn’t see this album coming.

This time last year I had been quietly making my way through my new life, chipping away at little musical ideas here and there, with no particular goals in mind at all. But then, in August of ’22, an offer to play the Closing Ceremonies of the Canada Games changed all of that. I thought, “why wouldn’t I?” So, I had to put a band together (but who would I get??).

I went with my buds down the line: Greg Ball, for guitar and especially his bg’s; Joe Carscallen, for his lead guitar, and of course his good looks; Matt Mulvihill on the bass with his killer tone and his “Brockville rolls;” and Billy Anglin for his absolutely killer drumming.

We rehearsed and rehearsed (it was a big show) and we got it all together - pulled off the gig really well, and now what?? Write some songs stupid! And so, I did. We all went into our studio (the Bathouse) for 8 days and nights in November, played and recorded these 10 songs live off the floor until we got the takes that we wanted. We had many laughs and a blast in there. Now, here we are.

This record is called Guess What? Hope you like it, we sure do."